Get more out of your bid set with ePlan. Design firms have numerous responsibilities to a project, including reducing costs whenever possible. There is never a cost to advertise a job on our site and each bid set will be seen by hundreds of qualified local contractors and suppliers.

ePlan has become a trusted source for accurate and timely posting of project information. We also understand and appreciate the complexity of bid set management, including proper version control. Our subscribers are educated on the importance of being an official plan holder of record. We post specific bid instruction information on every project, driving perspective bidders on where to obtain official bid sets. Pre-bid meeting and mandatory job walk times and addresses are also clearly posted on projects to ensure any requirements of the Design team and Owner are met. All addenda take precedent over new project postings, with daily notifications sent to subscribers on any project changes.

We also post design bid opportunities for Architects and Engineers, including RFPs and RFQs. Engineering firms who perform staking and surveying can subscribe to our service to locate subcontracting bids on a varying array of project types.