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ePlan hosts a wide variety of commercial and heavy engineering bidding projects, including private and public listings. There are no minimal dollar limits placed on the project on our site, so even smaller projects are posted. We also provide information on RFQs, RFPs, and commodities.

ePlan is a regional plan room in the Midwest. We currently report on projects throughout Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Arkansas.

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ePlan has a team of reporters who search through newspapers, local websites, plan rooms, and anywhere else we know that owners post their projects. We also have architects, engineers, and general contractors who automatically send us their projects to post.

ePlan has a menu of subscription packages that are catered to your organizations needs.

With our Invitation To Bid (ITB) tool, you can notify contacts within your address book and invite them to see all project documentation within the system – even if they do not have a subscription. Ask about our Notification Tool option.

Yes. ePlan offers its subscribers the unique ability to Request a Project to be posted online. If the project is public or private, and even if there is a cost for the documents, give us the information and we’ll do what we can in order to obtain all bid documents and post them on our service.

ePlan has a full range of options and payment plans available to suit the needs of each subscriber. Let us know what areas you work in and we can give you the pricing for what you need.

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