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We just LOVE ePlan! I won’t ever use another service.

Rhiannon P.
Two Alpha Contracting

Your service makes my job so much easier. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to sign up.

Tracy H.
McElhaney Fence Builders

We love ePlan, and when comparing the service to the other service we were using, ePlan’s services exceeded expectations while theirs fell well below the bar.

Ed P.
Dura-Seal & Stripe

ePlan allows our office to find more projects and gives us better access to viewing plans and specs. We bid more projects and obtain more work.

Steve G.
Tramar Contracting

The resolution of ePlan projects is superior to other plan rooms.

Joe F.
Accurate Asphalt Paving

We use ePlan every day; it has helped our business find many bidding opportunities.

Steve G.
Amino Brothers Company Inc

ePlan has all the projects in one location and I don’t have to search other sites to find what I’m looking for, including more civil projects.

Dennis V.
Cook & Kibler Inc

Our company uses ePlan every day. I don’t think we could do business without it.

Preston M.
County Materials Corporation

ePlan is very informative and seamlessly integrates with our business’s estimating software.

Ron L.
Brookshire Concrete

We like ePlan better than other provider. We cancelled our other service to go with ePlan.

ASP Enterprises

You can find projects on the ePlan website that are not available from other sources.

Stan M.
Audio Acoustics

I have received 4 project awards in the first 6 months of my subscription. The service paid for itself with the FIRST award!

Greg T.
Final Touch painting

ePlan has a wide variety of projects to look at and the Daily Notification is very comprehensive.

Nancy H.
Haupt Construction

ePlan is MUCH easier to user than other online plan room services. We also find projects we didn’t even know about.

Shawn C.
HD Supply Waterworks

ePlan is one of the easiest plan rooms to navigate. Our other service was very difficult to find what I needed.

Kelly S.

ePlan posts projects that other providers do not cover.

Robert M.
James G. Staat Tuckpointing

Even with the unstable economy right now, ePlan is saving me time and fuel costs from driving around to qualify projects. The service has paid for itself over and over.

Joe B.
JB Distributing

I love the service. I don’t know how our business got along without it.

Josh B.
JD Bishop Construction

I like that ePlan posts the actual plans, specs, addenda, etc. on the projects; other sites only give you information on the projects.

Gary W.
William White & Sons

I love how easy the system is to use; everything is right at my fingertips.

Merl A.
Vance Brothers

I was awarded my first job from ePlan during my free trial. During the first week of our subscription, I was awarded 3 more jobs!

Chris G.
United Ironworkers, Inc.

Our company is very pleased with the services that ePlan provides. I always find the service to provide the best information available. We love ePlan.

G-B Construction

We love the service the ePlan provides. I am thinking about canceling with my other provider because ePlan’s a better value.

Kari G.
Gregos Landscape & Grading

I've been very happy with everything at ePlan. Being able to do take-offs within ePlan is also a plus. I’m a very satisfied user and also appreciate the regular upgrades that are made. Everyone at ePlan is very personable, professional and makes you feel like an old friend. I highly recommend ePlan and have already recommended to others.

JoAnn Y.
Landesign, LLC

I enjoy the ease of use with ePlan and the affordable pricing.

John W.
Metron Surveying Company

I appreciate all that ePlan has done in getting plans for our business. ePlan has been the best service for our needs and you can count on us as a ‘forever’ customer. We love the service; it’s the best thing we have ever done for our business.

Diane G.
Rich Gullet & Sons, Inc.

I have found that with using ePlan I am able to bid on jobs more quickly which saves me time and gas. There is hardly a need to visit a plan room.

Wayne J.
Just Windows and Doors

Having been with 3 other plan rooms, it was such a pleasure to find a plan room that is so easy to use. I am so glad we switched to ePlan.

Darrell C.
Tulley Steel

ePlan’s Daily Notifications are great! This helps me monitor projects and makes sure I never miss a thing.

Mike A.
Fred Weber Construction

ePlan has been a great addition to the company. Everything you need–and you never leave the office.

Bobby W.
McCann Concrete Products

ePlan is a much better value than our previous plan room provider and we are very pleased that we signed up.

Phil H.
Pace Construction

We wouldn’t have known about projects if we hadn’t seen it on ePlan. Thanks for the hard work.

Shawn R.

ePlan’s updates and enhancements to the plan room are all end user suggestions. I am very pleased with the switch to ePlan.

Steve S.
Schrimpf Landscaping

I feel ePlan is the easiest plan room service I have used. Navigation and locating just the information I need is much better than any service I have had before.

Keith S.
Ash Grove Aggregate

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